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The Tustin Haunt Will Not Be Operating a "walk-though" haunted attraction in 2011.

We are hoping to find a location (temporary or permanent) for the 2012 Halloween season.
The following local businesses have made contributions that make the Tustin Haunt a possibility. We thank them for their assistance. Please support them!

Our Event Partners:

Our Event Sponsors:

Looking For Sponsors
The Tustin Haunt is looking for short-term and long-term sponsors to help make this community event a success. Every year the Tustin Haunt creates an increasingly complex and impressive experience. Every year we almost double the event's budget in order to produce the increasingly high-caliber event. Unfortunately, we as individuals, cannot continually front the cost of producing the haunted attraction - which is why we look to sponsors and partnerships for assistance.

The Tustin Haunt's attendance has greatly increased over the past 2 years. In 2007, we had over 2,800 patrons attend over our 3 nights of operation. We have hundreds of thousands of visitors to our website each year. The Tustin Haunt is an excellent advertising opportunity for companies within Orange County and Southern California.

If you or your company are interested in sponsoring the Tustin Haunt, please email us!